Speech generating device for Stroke (Aphasia) survivors. The product is a handheld PDA like platform that allows single finger operation. It enables stroke survivors to communicate through images, audio and text. The device includes bluetooth connectivity to a companion device, Text To Speech technology allowing the user the ability to fully customize the product.

Wireless and wired sewage backflow detection sensor and alarm system. This patented design is unique in that it can detect sewage backfolow before it happens.

LED light show for the popular TV program on discovery. AMPDS Design the 1st and 2nd generation lighting system for the Cash Cab NYC and Cash Cab Toronto programs. In addition to the lighting system AMPDS created the mobile control console for the shows director.

See the 2nd Generation Cash Cab lighting system being made at our NY facility

Modular LED lighting system , the one from the Cash Cab show specifications and pricing. Contact us for more details
Fiber optic cleaning tools.

Extreme low power application. To read pressure using less than 10 lux of light. This patented device exceeds the performance of comporable analog gauges in both readability and accuracy

Network management system monitoring for 32 independent 48 dry contact encoders systems. Network and hard wired PC application to monitor encoders. Its send text messages, emails alarms when encoders trip. Configurable priorities and contact assignments converts any PC into a monitoring station

Precise controlled temperature and relative humidity chambers. This lab instrument provides a robust platform for diagnosis. The system can create temperature and RH behavior profiles which it runs automatically.

Hardware Software design
Prototyping sevices